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  • Market Overview

    Contribute to Benzinga!

    Find an Audience for Your Ideas

    Benzinga stories reach an influential, affluent readership. Your stories will catalyze conversation on the site, across the web, and at trading desks around the world.

    Expand Your Reach

    Stories that are exclusive to Benzinga are syndicated to huge audiences across the web at destinations like MSN Money, Forbes, DailyFinance, Marketwatch, Windows 8, and TD Ameritrade.

    Shape Your Personal Brand

    Contributing to Benzinga will help you build an impressive track record of ideas and insights. By employing a consistent voice and establishing a clear area of expertise, you will stand out with clients and employers.

    Raise Your Profile

    Contributing to Benzinga is an opportunity to get your name noticed. Benzinga is an elite financial media outlet, and an affiliation with the site will immediately put your name on the map in the finance community. Our partners include Goldman Sachs, Knight Capital, TD Ameritrade, and Microsoft.

    Join a Family of Thought Leaders

    Benzinga’s contributors include leading portfolio managers, traders, financial advisors, and financial media personalities. Your articles for Benzinga will join some of the most cutting-edge financial commentary on the web.

    Enjoy a Transparent, Interactive Process

    Benzinga’s editorial team is always available to communicate with contributors regarding a story. A contributor whose story is not accepted for publication deserves to know why (and a chance to fix the problem).


    Read our Guidelines for Contributors to learn more. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us at contributors@benzinga.com.